The story of the BIONIC MIRACLE is one of heroic measures by a committed doctor, a patients who’s mindset was ready to take on the world, and an outcome that no one would have imagined!

Come along on this journey with Dr. Ajay SETH and Melissa, it has only just begun!

Who would have thought that what looked to be a simple raccoon bite would lead to nearly 2 months in the hospital for Melissa, continual high-grade fevers, no conclusive answer as to what disease was from the raccoon which the doctors were fighting, the disease filling her arm until her entire body was becoming septic, and then 2 hours from death Melissa’s arm was amputated to save her life.

No one could have predicted this most unusual case would then become just the case that would allow Dr. Ajay Seth to create the BIONIC MIRACLE and develop a procedure that will allow Melissa to become the very first amputee to feel touch, hot and cold through her prosthetic as if she was feeling through her natural hand. Johns Hopkins has now confirmed Melissa is the most advanced amputee in the world. It really is a miracle!

Join us as Dr. Ajay Seth and Melissa use their story to inspire millions and develop live giving procedures to impact people around the world.