Dr. Ajay K Seth is a board-certified orthopedic hand and upper extremity surgeon located in North Canton Ohio.

Dr. Seth earned his undergraduate medical degree from a combined program at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He completed his orthopedic residency at Ohio State University, and a fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery from Allegany General Hospital for the hand, elbow, shoulder, and microvascular surgery. Dr. Seth earned a one-year research fellowship in orthopedic surgery and biomaterials at Ohio State University. He has presented nationally on numerous topics, many that have been adopted in orthopedic surgery.

On December 10, 2015, Dr. Seth performed the first successful surgery to allow an amputee to move and feel a prosthetic hand with her brain making her the most advance amputee patient in the world. The procedure was a 16.5 hour surgery, during which he re-routed nerves in the upper arm to give the patient the ability to feel as though the prosthetic hand is her own. Six weeks after surgery, the patient demonstrated that she could feel and move a prosthetic arm and hand just by thinking.

Dr. Seth established a relationship with Walter Reed Hospital and is presently collaborating with Johns Hopkins University for research and development. At the invitation of Johns Hopkins, Dr. Seth made a highly acclaimed speech at an international conference on advancements in prosthetics.

Dr. Seth maintains a robust private practice in North Canton, Ohio, seeing up to 100 patients each day, and focused solely on hand, elbow, and shoulder issues. However, the Associated Press spread news of the “bionic miracle.” Dr. Seth has since been featured on the nationally syndicated talk show “The DOCTORS,” and in many feature print articles internationally. As a result, Dr Seth has been contacted by patients throughout the world to consult on special cases.

In 2017, Dr. Seth launched the American Bionics Advancement Project to serve as his research and development department in association with his parent company, Bionic Miracle, LLC to work closely with John Hopkins University making advancements to improve the quality of amputee patients’ lives.

Dr. Seth, whose parents immigrated from New Delhi, India, is a fixture in his community, regularly appearing on sports radio to provide medical analysis on professional athlete injuries as well as answering call-in questions; serving as the physician on call for the Canton Regional SWAT team, training the thirty-six members, and providing medical care during raids and calls around the city; and volunteering medical assistance for local sports teams, as well as in his children’s schools and athletics.

Dr. Seth knew he wanted to be a doctor in fifth grade and an orthopedic surgeon by the time he was eighteen. Besides his focused medical life, he enjoys creating art and music, playing golf, basketball, and baseball, and spending time with his family, along with the family’s two dogs.